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Attractive things work better
Studio Kmzero is a place to experiment between graphic design, typography, new media and digital art. A space to mix visual arts research, design strategy, film for advertising, and graphic storytelling.

The partners, after many years of experience as creative directors in the advertising and web design businness (Francesco Canovaro has been Creative Director for Dada Spa, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini Creative Director for Lcd Graphics, Debora Manetti manager of the advertisement campaign for SuperEva, CHL, Dada) have joined forces to create a very versatile studio, capable of dealing with brand consulting and design, visual identity, tv advertising (spot DGTamo/superEva, Dada Ringtones, Christmas Idents for Sky Sport), corporate websites (Zero9, Indesit, Spriters), design for fashion (Ermanno Scervino, ItaloBalestri, Sundek), design for multimedia projects and for the Arts.

Awards: Ecxite Award (2001), ADCI awards (2008), Premio Web Italia, selection (2009), ADCI awards, selection (2011), GranPrix Pubblicità Italia (2011)

Kmzero Studio is a creative environment to experiment established in 2002 to experiment between graphic design, new media and visual arts. Located in the heart of Florence, Kmzero is a design boutique of visual research and artistic experimentation.

At studio Kmzero we're constantly looking for talented people for possible collaborations. If you want to apply for an avalaible position or drop us your curriculum, please read the info in our jobs page.