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This is what we felt like.

It was ten years ago, and this is what we felt like.

The towers had collapsed just a handful months before, and we were still hearing that huge noise.

With them, the whole New Economy Bubble had popped like a giant soap ball. And the design studio in which we worked, that had increased its crew from 10 to 30 people in less than a year, started cutting heads. 

It was - we felt - the right time to do our own thing, and open a new studio. Ours.

It felt natural - it always feels like that - to take that route.

Even if we knew we would earn very little money, and work overnights, and start everything from scratch.

We were a uneven bunch: a comic artists, a videogame fanatic, a young graphic designer, a couple of older ones - both with a background in painting and drawing.

Looking backwards, there where a lot of things that we didn’t know.

Which may be good - because you need a sort of mindless courage to believe that - yes - this world needs exactly us - another design studio.

But then.

It was either that, or falling with the towers. 

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